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Fulcrum Racing 3 DB Road Disc Wheel
  • Fulcrum Racing 3 DB Road Disc Wheel

    Racing 3 DB is a concentrate of technology designed to raise the performance bar in a wide range of situations, setting new standards for satisfaction and reliability.

    The focus here was on substance and the R&D division at Fulcrum have taken everything to a higher level, choosing the most balanced, evolved a technical solution for every single essential component. Extremely smooth thanks to the cone and cup bearings and comfortable thanks to steel spokes that ensure 25% more shock absorption. 

    The 19 mm wide well also ensures generous, robust, stable contact with the road. 
    "Versatility" for Racing 3 DB means making the difference whatever the context: as a training wheel, for long distances, and on gravel. It is also a high-class upgrade for those who enjoy cycling without any competitive intent.
    Good-looking, refined, detail-attentive construction.