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Gravel or (All) Road Bike?

The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself - where would you plan to ride most of the time.

Gravel bikes - ideal for riding on unpaved surfaces like dirt roads, gravel paths, fire road or light singletrack (for MTBers). Most gravel bikes (depending on the brand) can be fitted with wider tires with deeper tire treads for better traction and comfort on rougher terrain. An example of a gravel with wider tires - the Argon 18 Dark Matter gravel bike -

Gravel bikes offer higher stack which means that the handlebar are higher to give you more upright riding and the head tube is slacker to provide more stability when riding off road. The longer wheelbase also gives you more comfort for longer rides.

The bike above features the Argon 18 Krypton is an ALL Road Bike and it is designed for riding on a variety of surfaces - from paved roads to light gravel paths as most All Road bikes have wider tire clearances from 32c to 40c tires but not as wide as gravel bike tires. The geometry is more relaxed compared to a standard road bike but does not have the high stack or slack headtube compared to a gravel bike. The All Road bike falls in between a performance road bike and a gravel bike in terms of geometry and ride quality.

If you want a wider range of gears for climbing more hills, more upright riding, fits wider and multiple wheel or tire sizes, bikepacking with off road riding - a Gravel Bike can be a good option for you. But if you are looking for a speedier, snappier bike that resembles close to a performance road bike - then an All Road bike may be perfect for you.


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