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Litespeed | T1SL Disc Ti Frame
  • Litespeed | T1SL Disc Ti Frame

    The lightest production titanium frame featuring highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any titanium road-bike on the market.

    Light makes right.

    So say the climbers. The Billy goats. The grimpeurs. Where the air is thin, KOMs are your holy grail. If there’s one thing better than a buoyant ascent up a long climb, it’s being the first to attack the descent…solo. 

    There’s but one bike to take you to the top: the T1sl Disc.

    Litespeed’s signature lightweight machine is no one-trick pony. While it truly defies the scales, the T1sl is an all-around performer, thanks of the deft workmanship of our craftsmen and their decades of titanium expertise. This no-holds-barred race rig is as adept at carving corners and holding speed on the flats as it is climbing. in this disc brake version with seamlessly integrated internal hydraulic cable routing and a clean flat-mount road disc-specific design, stopping power is unsurpassed. And for the discerning cyclist, titanium still reigns supreme as the king of lightweight race bike capability. At 1,169 grams in size medium, the T1sl Disc remains the lightest production handmade titanium frame available on the market.

    How we make a performance race bike this strong, stiff, comfortable and light is what sets the T1sl disc apart from all others. The centerpiece is an innovative top tube, handcrafted from a single sheet of aerospace-grade 6AL/4V titanium, shaped into a multi-faceted tapered tube that slashes weight while increasing torsional stiffness. 

    The bike stays race-day stiff with a pair of oversized, triple-butted asymmetric chainstays designed for unyielding power transfer. The downtube completes the package, oversized and bi-axially ovalized to provide optimal performance and stiffness. At the front, a beautifully engraved 44mm headtube delivers precision handling. With a PF30 bottom bracket, the T1sl is compatible with nearly every crankset available.

    Bolstering the premium performance is the disc brake design. With 12mm thru axles and flat-mount design, not only does torsional stiffness through the axles amplify the frame’s stiff design, you get the clear benefit of hydraulic disc stopping power.

    To ensure every T1sl is built to precision tolerances that ensure the perfect ride in every size, each frame has size-specific tubesets, guaranteeing consistent performance, regardless if you’re a size XS or XL. We also use the highest-quality titanium available, with our cold-working making it even better. While our competition settles for softer, more easily-processed grades of titanium, we go above and beyond to deliver the most premium cycling-specific tubesets. That NASA comes to us for our materials choice advice is no mistake. And the result speaks for itself.


    • High-performance road
    • 6Al/4V titanium brake sheet formed and variably-tapered top tube
    • Aerospace grade titanium top tube, and 3AL/2.5V seat tube, downtube and stays
    • Optimized for clearance up to 30mm tires (most tire/rim combinations)
    • Internal Di2 and hydraulic disc brake cable routing
    • Disc brake specific design
    • Triple-butted chainstays
    • Cold-worked shaping for maximum stiffness
    • Replaceable derailleur hanger
    • Bright Brushed Litespeed Finish option and decal options provided standard
    • Full range of custom paint upgrade options available
    • Custom component options available upon request
    • PF30 bottom bracket shell, with T47 bottom bracket upgrade available
    • Frame sizes: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL and custom
    • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
    • Average weight for size medium frame: 1,169 grams