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B&W | Bike Curve Bike Case
  • B&W | Bike Curve Bike Case

    B&W’s bike.guard curv® is the top choice for storing racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes up to 29”. The shell is made of our innovative curv® material—100% self-reinforced polypropylene (Pp)—which is environmentally friendly, impact-resistant, and weatherproof. The material is also ultra light, up to half as light as other containers made of fibrous composites. The bike.guard curv® comes with extensive accessories for protecting your bike accessories perfectly and storing any additional property securely. The perfect companion for any trip.

    All features at a glance

    • Highly durable curv® material
    • Stacking lid and base
    • For racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes
    • Removable lid
    • Weatherproof
    • Impact-resistant, rugged, long-lasting
    • Stackable
    • Four sturdy, smooth-running casters: two swivel, two rigid
    • Two large wheel bags
    • Two pull handles
    • Two carry handles
    • Self-tightening strap buckle
    • Foam block for chainring
    • Chain guard
    • Two foam pads to protect frame
    • Foam spacer for handlebars
    • Spacers for dropouts and front fork ends
    • Foam tube
    • Four bags for accessories
    • Lockable with optional TSA-approved padlock
    • internal dimensions: 1300/1070 x 840 x 285 mm | 51.2/42.1 x 33.1 x 11.8 inch
    • External dimensions: 1310 x 910 x 315 mm | 51.6 x 35.8 x 12.4 inch
    • Weight: 24.0 Ib
    • Color: black