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Since 1984, Easton Cycling has utilized our engineering and materials expertise to push the boundaries of cycling. Built to endure UCI World Cups, local crits, and the world’s largest gravel events, Easton Cycling produces industry leading gravel, all-road, race and cx components to help athletes seek more and stop less. Tested and backed, our components ensure every cyclist can excel, whatever lies ahead.

Every ride and every rider has something special to offer. Each ride has a standout moment where a rider has something they’re trying to achieve. Easton Cycling is here to help you keep exploring. Ride to new places, turn left where you normally turn right, try new types of riding, new races or new events. See how fast you can go and how far you can go. See what happens when you mix cycling, culture, and experiences.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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